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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I apply for finance?
Q: Is Smartcover Finance a responsible lender?
Q: Is there an additional cost to Apply for Finance outside of office hours?
Q: Do you provide assistance for animals other than cats and dogs?
Q: Can I get pre-approved, before taking my pet into the vet?
Q: My animal needs surgery which will be expensive, how much finance can I get?
Q: My pet needs to go back to the vet for another appointment, can I get a ‘Top Up’ on my loan?
Q: I have another animal that needs vet care, can I add this to my existing loan?
Q: Can I pay my loan off early?
Q: Can I get another loan if I’ve already paid mine off?
Q: Can I get a loan statement print out?
Q: How can I find out the balance on my loan?
Q: I have Pet Insurance, but need to pay the vet up front before putting in a claim with my insurance company. Can you help?
Q: My pet needs URGENT after hours medical attention. Can I get approved for finance after hours?
Q: I need financial assistance, but my vet doesn’t offer VetCare Finance. Can you still help me?
Q: What is Smartcovers bank account number?
Q: Can I pay/settle my loan early?
Q: Can I make ‘Lump Sum’ payments?
Q: Can I change my payment schedule / frequency?
Q: Can I make a payment with a credit card or debit card?
Q: What is your Interest Rate?
Q: Are there cost for establishing a loan with Smartcover Finance?
Q: Do the fees need to be paid upfront?
Q: What do the booking fees cover?
Q: Can I Cancel my Contract?
Q: What is the process if I want to Cancel my Contract?
Q: How long have I got to Cancel my Contract?
Q: Do I have to pay anything if I Cancel my Contract?