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Questions and Answers

How do I apply for finances?
You can apply for finance in-store at one of our Vet Clinics, or by filling out our online application.

Is there an additional cost to Apply for Finance outside of office hours?

Vetcare finance is available to process finance applications 24/7.  However, there is an after-hours fee of $50 to cover the staffing cost to process your application.

Do you provide assistance for animals other than cats and dogs?
Yes, we can assist you with any animal big or small. 

I have Pet Insurance, but need to pay the vet up front before putting in a claim with my insurance company.  Can you help?
Yes.  We can provide assistance to cover your vet costs immediately if you need to put in a claim for your insurance to pay out.  Please contact us during business hours to discuss your needs.

My pet needs URGENT after hours medical attention.  Can I get approved for finance after hours?
Yes.  We offer 24/7 application approvals for emergency vet care.

Can I get pre-approved, before taking my pet to the vet?
Yes, we can approve your application before you make an appointment so you know the costs will be covered beforehand.

My animal needs surgery which will be expensive, how much finance can I get?
We provide financial assistance up to $5,000, however, we can approve a higher amount if required based on your credit worthiness.

I need financial assistance, but my vet doesn't offer VetCare Finance.  Can you still help me?
We will be happy to call your vet and offer our services to help you with your bill.  Please call us during our business hours to give us your vet information.

How can I find out the balance on my loan?
Call our office during our business hours and one our team will be able to provide you with your current loan balance.

Can I pay/settle my loan early?
Yes, call us during our business hours for a loan settlement figure and instructions on how you can make your final payment.

Can I change my payment schedule/frequency?
In most cases, yes just call us during our business hours to discuss your payment schedule.

Can I make a payment with a credit card or debit card?
Both Visa and Mastercard payments are accepted.  Call us during our business hours to make a payment using your credit/debit card.

What is Smartcovers bank account number?
BNZ Account Name "Smartcover Finance Limited", 02 1244 0107386 26.  Please ensure you use your loan number as the reference when making a payment into our bank account.

Can I make 'Lump Sum' payments?
Yes, extra payments can be made into our bank account or with credit/debit card over the phone.  Please call us during business hours to discuss the remainder of your payments once you have made a lump sum payment, as you may be able to reduce your ongoing instalment amount, and/or the term of your loan.

My pet needs to go back to the vet for another appointment, can I get a 'Top Up' on my loan?
In most cases, yes.  Providing your loan is up to date, and an excellent payment history we can add additional invoices to your loan. Please call us during business hours to discuss your needs.

I have another animal that needs vet care, can I add this to my existing loan?
Yes, providing your loan is up to date, we can top up your loan for any additional care required at your vet for any pet.

Can I pay my loan off early?
Yes.  We do not charge you for loss of interest, however, there will be a small settlement administration fee of $50 to pay.

Can I get another loan if I've already paid mine off?
If your payment history with us is excellent, you are already pre-approved for another loan.  Please call us during business hours to discuss your needs and to find out if you qualify for another loan.

Can I get a loan statement print out?
Yes, just call us during our business hours and we can email or post a statement out to you.  Statements are sent by request only, as outlined in your Loan Agreement.