VetCare Finance has got you covered​

Loans up to 15K

Swift approval for emergency veterinary care

No deposit with up to 36 month terms

Available throughout New Zealand

Low application and booking fees

Vetcare Finance

Get financial assistance to cover your veterinary costs

At VetCare Finance, we know how stressful it can be when your pet needs veterinary care you just can’t afford.

If you don’t have pet insurance, vet bills can be costly – whether they’re for emergency health care, or important procedures you can’t put off any longer.

Thankfully, we offer a simple solution. VetCare Finance provides fast loans and flexible repayment options, so your furry friend can get the health care they need. Here are just a few more benefits we can offer:

How it works?

Need pet care, but can’t afford the vet bills? With a loan from VetCare Finance, your pet can receive urgent and regular veterinary care. With our fast, simple application process, we’ll ensure your loan is approved in no time so you can go back to looking after your pet.

Step 1

Apply Online

Online application takes around 5 minutes to complete.

Step 2

Decision Outcome

We will contact you to inform you of the outcome as fast as possible

Step 3

Receive Funds

VetCare Finance we will pay the balance of your invoice directly to your vet.

Need financial assistance
for your vet bills?

VetCare Finance can approve loans of up to $15,000. And thanks to our simple application process, we keep everything quick and easy so you can get back to focusing on your pet!

What Our Customers
Have to Say

“The team always go the extra mile  to find the most affordable solution for our customers”

Kate,Clinic CSR Manager
Clinic CSR Manager ,Hamilton

“Thank you so much to the team for helping me with all my cats”

Annabel, Auckland

“Just want to say how absolutely awesome the staff at Vet care finance  have been.. being able to pay them back at an amount I could afford, was such a relief”

Sarah, Wellsford

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we can approve your application before you visit the business you wish to purchase the good and services from – so you know the costs will be covered beforehand.

Our Interest Rates Start at 14.95% per annum and are work out depending on your credit score. Our Loan Default interest rates is 6% per annum above your contract interest rate.

There is a standard $65 Application fee and a Booking fee that varies. The Booking fees are dependent on the total amount being financed and are only payable by you if your application is approved and loan documents created. These range from $100 to $350 depending on the loan value. 

In most cases, yes. Providing your loan is up to date and you have an excellent payment history. Please call us during business hours to discuss your needs.

Smartcover Finance is committed to being a responsible lending company and is a registered member of the Financial Service Provider Register, as well as the Financial Dispute Resolution Scheme.