Responsible Lending​​

Smartcover Finance Limited is committed to being a responsible lending company. We are a registered member of the Financial Service Provider Register, as well as the Financial Dispute Resolution Scheme.

We will do everything we can to understand you and your situation, so you can make the best decision about taking out finance with us.

Questions We Will Ask You

Depending on your circumstances, we may ask about your:
  • Income or benefits (including whether you are employed full time, part time or are a beneficiary)
  • Fixed expenses (such as rent, utility bills, other loans and hire purchases you have)
  • Credit history and past defaults (if any)
  • Personal information (including your address, age etc)
  • Assets and their value
  • How much you need to borrow
  • What the money is for

What Proof You Will Need To Supply

  • Photo Identification (drivers licence, passport)
  • Proof of Address (utility bill or tenancy agreement)
  • Proof of Income (bank statements)

Deciding if the loan is right for you

We need to work out whether you are able to repay a loan. In relation to the code of responsible lending, we may decide not to approve your application for a loan if we believe that:

  • You would not be able to repay the loan
  • Repaying the loan will cause you further financial stress
  • The type of loan on offer does not suit your needs or situation

Making Sure You Understand

We will do our very best to make sure you understand everything about the loan before signing your contract, including:

  • Your rights and responsibilities to repay the loan
  • Providing you with fair terms and conditions
  • Clearly outlining all interest rates and fees in your loan agreement
  • Stating in the loan agreement what property (if any) is being used for security
  • Outlining the fees and charges should you default on your repayments
  • Providing clear information about what may happen if you default on your loan, including repossession of any property that is held as security

What We Will Do If Things Go Wrong

We understand your situation may change and other expenses come up from time to time. Please contact us as soon as possible if you are having financial difficulty in repaying your loan. As a responsible lender, we promise to:

  • Treat you fairly and as we’ve outlined, if you miss payments
  • Work with you to find solutions if you are suffering financial stress
  • Provide information to any social services provider (such as Work and Income NZ) if you require
  • Assist any budget adviser or representative you have nominated with managing the loan payments
  • Making reasonable efforts to discuss other payment options before repossessing any property
  • Only repossess the property we hold as security for your loan
  • Treat you and your property fairly and with dignity

What You Should Do If Something Goes Wrong?

We welcome complaints so if you have a problem, concern, or complaint about any part of my/our service, please tell me/us. We have an Internal Complaints Process designed to efficiently handle these issues.

Please contact:
Dan Bagnall
3E Orbit Drive, Rosedale, Auckland 0632
0508 738 765

When we receive a complaint, we will attempt to resolve it promptly and will keep you fully informed during the process. If we cannot reach an agreement on your complaint, you may refer your complaint to our External Dispute Resolution Scheme, by contacting:
Financial Dispute Resolution:
Freephone 0508 337 337
Freepost 231075
P.O. Box 5730, Wellington 6145

As a financial service provider, our external dispute resolution scheme is a statutory requirement for us to have, and is a free service to you. As a registered member of the Financial Service Provider Register, we have made a commitment to uphold the Responsible Lending Guidelines.